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Top 10 Blockchain Solution Companies - 2018

It would be fair to say that blockchain has indeed emerged as one of the most disruptive technological force in the industrial landscape. The adoption of the decentralized, peer-to-peer, digital record keeping, with virtual incorruptibility and seamless traceability of every record chain, is bound to usher some significant changes in the industry overall.

For the insurance industry which is marred by the crisis of trust, blockchain with its unequivocal transparency, could perhaps breathe in some fresh air of trust and hitherto, bolster the uptake of insurance. It could play a pivotal role in debunking data entry inefficiencies by enabling instant data updating and complete data control to customers. Also, more importantly, the blockchain could improve the very function of claims processing through smart contracts— which would not only eliminate any fraudulent activities but make the process faster.

With such are the potential promises of the blockchain, no wonder that we are witnessing a mass upsurge of innovative blockchain solution providers storming the insurance industry. Thus, in a very progressive sense of the term, making it a colossal task for insurers to not only find the most enabling solution provider but one who could address their unique requirements. To help them carry out this task with at-most ease, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and Insurance CIO Outlook’s editorial board has streamlined a list of blockchain solution providers who are on the forefront of cutting-edge technology. The list is a result of an in-depth study of the provider’s capability to offer the flexible, scalable, and cost-effective technology.

We present to you the “Top 10 Blockchain Solution Providers–2018.”

    Top Blockchain Solution Companies

  • A specialized (re)insurance insurtech firm, offering decentralized enterprise collaboration solutions through its innovative Insurance Blockchain Framework

  • Provides a blockchain-based insurance platform that works on the principle of Social Proof

  • Auxesis Group

    Auxesis Group

    Provides user centric design which brings the power of Blockchain to the average consumer in an intrusive way

  • Boardwalktech


    Provides a patented digital ledger blockchain service for extended enterprise where clients can avail their product to run mission critical applications

  • CryptoTec AG

    CryptoTec AG

    Connects decentralized computer systems with its high security blockchain solutions

  • Guardtime


    Provides a blockchain technology called KSI which is built to prove the time and integrity of any piece of data

  • Hive Data

    Hive Data

    Using block chain technology, Hive addresses use cases in financial services, insurance, commerce, supply-chain management and industrial operations

  • MatchUpBox


    Offers a blockchain network designed for personal data

  • NetSet Software Solutions

    NetSet Software Solutions

    Offers solutions which help in assessing the technology impact and strategically plan a road map to implement a secure and transparent blockchain

  • PokitDok


    Leverage blockchain technology to pave the way for new healthcare economy in which data and services are quantifiable and exchangeable